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ECDD welcomes interns, especially interns with disabilities, to serve with ECDD in Ethiopia for a mutually agreed period, usually between 1-3 months. ECDD internships are designed as a learning experience aimed at providing university students and other individuals with work experience with ECDD staff. Interns are required to sign a statement of understanding before they commence their internship. The ECDD Intern Policy is given below. Contact us if you are interested in an internship with ECDD.

  1. Conditions of work: While working at ECDD, interns are not considered as employees. They are not entitled to a salary or benefits accorded to ECDD staff. 
  2. Assignment: Interns are given a specific assignment and assigned to work under the supervision of an ECDD staff member, under the overall authority of the ECDD Executive Director. Interns are expected to carry out the duties assigned to them.
  3. Publication of information: Interns may not publish any report or paper based on information obtained during the course of the internship without the written authorization of ECDD.
  4. Working hours and leave: Interns are normally expected to work 40 hours per week (full-time work) and 20 hours per week (half-time work) in agreement with the ECDD Executive Director. Interns may take short leaves for personal reasons, holidays, etc. with the advance approval of the Executive Director.
  5. Medical insurance: Interns must have their own adequate medical and life insurance. ECDD accepts no responsibility for costs or fatality arising from illness or accidents incurred during the internship. 
  6. Financial questions: Internships are unpaid and ECDD is not financially responsible for any expenses an intern may incur in traveling to or while living in Addis Ababa. All costs connected with an internship must be borne by the individual or a sponsoring institution. Travel arrangements and living accommodation are also the responsibility of the intern or their sponsoring institutions. 
  7. Visa: Interns are responsible for obtaining the necessary passport and visa for their internship. Normally for an internship of less than 6 months a work permit is not required.
  8. Employment prospects: There can be no expectation of employment at the end of the internship. However, interns can apply for posts advertised by ECDD during or after the period of the internship.
  9. Internship evaluation: At the end of the internship an intern may request a written evaluation by the designated supervisor. The evaluation will indicate the intern’s name, period covered, tasks assigned and evaluation of the work done.
  10. Termination: An internship can be terminated by ECDD or the intern with one week’s notice.


ECDD welcomes volunteers to assist ECDD staff for a specific task for a mutually agreed period of time. Volunteers contribute their time and energy to ECDD without expectation of any financial payment or other benefit. There can be no expectation of employment following volunteer work. Volunteers with disabilities are especially welcome. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with ECDD!


ECDD is a relatively small organization, with a small staff. Although vacancies may occur at any time, ECDD offers very limited employment opportunities. ECDD gives preference in employment to persons with disabilities, and welcomes receiving CVs from university graduates with disabilities who have development project implementation experience and are seeking employment. All ECDD job vacancies are announced on this website, advertized in local newspapers and made public via www.ethiojobs.net


As a service to job seekers with disabilities ECDD posts here recent public job vacancies.



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E-mail: info@ecdd-ethiopia.org

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